We provide v-belt of various top and pitch with, different demand of height; angle and length are also supplied. Our v-belt are produced using special material formulation and advanced techniques so as to provide heat, oil, abrasion and aging resistance and such advantages as lower noise levels and longer life.

In QC,

1.For controlling semi-finished product quality,3-Roll Calender were equipped with WN-CMOSI-10 Calendered sheet of laser automatic measurement and control system and pin-type cold-feed extruder screw feeding system.

2.Forming, curing, cutting, grinding and other processes are equipped with automatic control system of the new equipment.

3.In order to improve the film forming flexibility and the beginning viscosity, the country's first use of a warm feeding device.

4.In sulfuration process, using a new technology of vacuum and hot air. Pressurized, which prevent product delamination, blistering and improve the density of the compound effectively.

5.Own V-belt life bench test machine from German, which is the only has the world's first level of testing equipment in China, meet requirements of high temperature 130 ℃, 3500-4900 transfer speed, torque 30N.m

Presently we can supply many models. Adopted superior rubber material, make the belt has the function of resisting heat and wear, strong tensile resistance, low noise, and durable in use, dependence performance, A complete range of specifications and a great variety of models.Provie professional advice to clients according to different market.